Monsters of the Modern World : Wave Triton

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In the ancient times, these creatures used to prey on sea lions, seals, even dolphins and small whales when they could catch them. Occasionally, they would compete with Mermaids to get survivors from the shipwrecks they caused, but it rarely worked, Mermaids were stronger and more organized.

Despite their name, Wave Tritons aren’t related to the regular Tritons, and they usually don’t look human at all. They have some shape shifting and camouflage abilities, and they have a limited intelligence. On the other hand, they’re ferocious and skilled predators.

With the development of tourism in the past century, hundreds of thousands of humans now seek sand beaches and sun on a regular basis. Logically, these sandy beaches became a huge source of food supply for many marine creatures, including the Wave Tritons.

A Wave Triton will try to find an isolated swimmer, and use their powers on water to slowly drag them farther from the land. Once the person is tired enough, the Wave Triton approaches them, throwing their scaly arms around them, and drag them down to the abyss. In many places, there are sea currents and treacherous waves which are blamed for such deaths, when in fact Wave Tritons are the ones responsible, maintaining the treacherous waves and directing them to the careless humans.

As surprising as it may seem, they don’t eat their prey, but feed on the pain and fear humans experience during drowning. Once they’re dead, the Wave Triton releases them. Their body is usually found, and their death never appears mysterious, they’re just another swimmer who wasn’t cautious enough and drowned at sea. But it is said that those who came across a Wave Triton have on their dead faces such an expression of terror and pain that they can be identified without any mistake by those who know…