A little music…

I sometimes play the guitar. Or bass. Or keyboard. I’m not good at it, I just like it.

One day, I needed a royalty free background music for a video of mine. The only ones I could find were on paying royalty-free websites. After listening to a hundred of these tunes, I thought to myself : why not doing it ? So I plugged my keyboard into my Mac, learned to use GarageBand and since then, I’m doing background musics when I feel like it.

They’re not songs, I’m not a band . I didn’t really want to put these tracks on display here, but someone just told me I should. So here it is.

Space Fairies was the generic name I chose for the soft tunes. For me they evoke images of the universe, distant planets… and their magic 🙂

(Space Fairies 3 –  Â© Merlin Corey)