28th Sep 2013

Monsters of the Modern World : Clowns

Since the dawn of time, clowns prey on humans, especially children. The first clowns didn’t wear makeup, of course. They were the tribe’s jester, the itinerant public entertainer. At first,...

24th Sep 2013
Who didn’t discover America?

Who didn’t discover America?

Since kindergarden, we’re taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America. Well, he probably did. I did too, when I first landed in La Guardia. In fact, nearly everyone seems to claim...

18th Sep 2013

Monsters of the modern world : closet monster

This is probably the most well known of the modern era monsters. Most children are afraid of closets, and think, at some point, that a monster is hidden inside. They’re...

13th Sep 2013

Monsters of the Modern World : Wave Triton

In the ancient times, these creatures used to prey on sea lions, seals, even dolphins and small whales when they could catch them. Occasionally, they would compete with Mermaids to...

09th Sep 2013

Monsters of the Modern World : Fridge Ghouls

  Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a refrigerator. The creatures now known as Fridge Ghouls still existed, though, but they were hunting far from the...

09th Sep 2013

Mirror, mirror…

Is there a tree somewhere in the water world?  

09th Sep 2013

Sunset in a wall of green

Just on the other side of the road, the trees hide the sun before he goes to bed, like some sort of Japanese screen of foliage.  

09th Sep 2013

Blue sunrise

The first light of dawn is always magical. This one was blue, I had to try to capture the colors before they fade away.  

09th Sep 2013

Window with Summer view

On the other side of the green wall, the neverending fields, and the bright Summer sun.

03rd Sep 2013
Monsters of the Modern World: Washer Boggart

Monsters of the Modern World: Washer Boggart

One of the most malevolent creatures a household can get is the Washer Boggart. It inhabits washing machines, and usually goes unnoticed until it strikes. This nasty creature kills numerous...