30th May 2019

Le tome 2 est là ! Le Paradis n’est pas pour les enfants sages…

Vous l’attendiez, le voici. Le deuxième volume de la saga “la face cachée du Paradis” vient de sortir. Sam va-t-il enfin retrouver Kaylee ? Les Cieux vont-ils réagir à la...

14th Apr 2019

Si les anges déchus pouvaient voler : la bande-annonce

La version française est disponible ! Pour commencer, voici la bande-annonce en français !

18th Aug 2013

If Fallen Angels Could Fly, first chapter for free

Chapter 1: NYC, Present At first it seemed like a good idea. I didn’t know why, but there was something with that girl in the subway. Maybe her smile. She...

06th Jul 2013
Featured author on Jackie Jones’ website

Featured author on Jackie Jones’ website

Great news: I’m a featured author on Jackie Jones’ website jackiejonesworld.com thanks to her 🙂 I encourage you to visit her website!  And of course, get her books 😉

24th May 2013

Scribble map of Heaven

Working on the second volume of the Dark Side of Heaven series, I needed to know how Heaven would look like. Took my tablet and Photoshop, and I tried to...

15th May 2013

Dark Side of Heaven : the club’s sign

I like doing visuals of people, scenery or events of my books. Today I was working on the sequel for “If Fallen Angels Could Fly”, and I was thinking a...

15th May 2013

If Fallen Angels Could Fly : the FB page

After some friends’ advice, I decided to finally put up a Facebook page for the first novel of the series. So here is “If Fallen Angels Could Fly”, FB version....

22nd Apr 2013
In Her Eyes

In Her Eyes

A friend of mine asked me for a picture and a story for her blog. She is Brasilian, and I met her in Second Life, where her name is Sunset...

14th Apr 2013

If Fallen Angels Could Fly : the trailer

This is not a vampire story… Merlin Corey’s novel “If Fallen Angels Could Fly”, first of the Dark Side of Heaven series. Magic, Angels and rock’n’roll… You can read the...

07th Apr 2013
DSH Unpublished

DSH Unpublished

The club is a great place to socialize. Most characters of the serie spend hours there every day. They interact with normal people, or with other magical creatures, and lots...