09th Sep 2013

Mirror, mirror…

Is there a tree somewhere in the water world?  

09th Sep 2013

Sunset in a wall of green

Just on the other side of the road, the trees hide the sun before he goes to bed, like some sort of Japanese screen of foliage.  

09th Sep 2013

Blue sunrise

The first light of dawn is always magical. This one was blue, I had to try to capture the colors before they fade away.  

09th Sep 2013

Window with Summer view

On the other side of the green wall, the neverending fields, and the bright Summer sun.

07th Jul 2013

Light at the end…

A little experiment, playing with a picture of a bamboo tunnel I made at home. Work in Photoshop Elements.

24th Jun 2013

Super Moon 2013

In the last light of dusk I walked to the hedge which separates my land from the neighbour’s field. I wanted to catch a picture of this “supermoon” so badly...

27th Mar 2013

Enter the Rainbow

For a moment, the Sun radiated through the rainbow. In the plane, only a few noticed. But the Gods of Asgard used the opportunity to take a seat. Business class,...

16th Mar 2013

Fairies’ Mirror

The name of this lake is “Le Miroir aux Fées” (Fairies’ Mirror). A magical place in a magical forest.

16th Mar 2013

Merlin’s Grotto

In Tintagel, Cornwalls. A place of mystery and initiation.  

16th Mar 2013

Watchtower of the West

Does it guard the path ?