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Dark Side of Heaven novels

One is published, the other is in the writings. There will be at least five tomes in this series, maybe more if I explore in details some of the characters’ storylines

Merlin’s 3D Artwork

I’ve been doing 3D art since years. Lately, I do more screen captures in Second Life than real 3D renders, but I still plan on doing more artwork.

Reality Check

Reality can be quite a hazy concept. Sometimes, what we imagine pales in comparison of events of the “real world”. We just need to check them, at times


In this section, I’ll display a few of the pictures I take. They’re not all great, but they all reflect a moment in time, a memory…

This is a world where angels and fairies are real, as well as ancient gods and forgotten monsters. An alternate reality? Maybe. Or maybe it is our world in a way a few can see? Welcome to Merlin Corey's universe...

Merlin's Universe

Gods, demons, angels, fairies, even dragons, they're all in Merlin Corey's urban fantasy writings. Action, romance, magic and rock music



Sometimes I have ideas for a scene. I write it, but I don't immediately include it in a story. I also do some scribbling and drawings about my stories' settings. Have a look behind the scenes...



When I'm in the mood, I use computer (with GarageBand), keyboard and sometimes guitar to make a few sound tracks. They're not songs, more like background music for videos, but I've been told I should show what I'm doing in this domain too so here it is !


Covert Art For Your Ebooks

Need an artistic and professional-looking cover for your novel? Here is my mini-book

30th May 2019

Le tome 2 est là ! Le Paradis n’est pas pour les enfants sages…

Vous l’attendiez, le voici. Le deuxième volume de la saga “la face cachée du Paradis” vient de sortir. Sam va-t-il enfin retrouver Kaylee ? Les Cieux vont-ils réagir à la...

14th Apr 2019

Si les anges déchus pouvaient voler : la bande-annonce

La version française est disponible ! Pour commencer, voici la bande-annonce en français !

21st Dec 2013

Salade de sorts au clair de Lune disponible chez Amazon !

La vie est belle quand on est un surdoué du Web, guitariste dans un groupe de rock, propriétaire d’un petit appartement dans Greenwich Village et, pour couronner le tout,  magicien...

14th Apr 2013

If Fallen Angels Could Fly : the trailer

This is not a vampire story… Merlin Corey’s novel “If Fallen Angels Could Fly”, first of the Dark Side of Heaven series. Magic, Angels and rock’n’roll… You can read the...