08th Jul 2013

Cover art: examples of what I can do

      These are examples of what I can do when it comes to cover art. I like dark pictures, of course, as it is visible on my first...

01st Apr 2013

Sacred Space

It started with a screenshot of a Second Life place, at the right angle. I could see that bird of prey flying. And then I thought of these old pencil...

31st Mar 2013

The Third Bathroom

So many things happen there. Meetings. Interrogations. Brainstorming. Even battles. When there is a desk, Sam tends to destroy it, because there is always an opportunity to get angry in...

31st Mar 2013

Virtual Visions (III)

Third of this serie made with the help of Second Life. The place here is a fantasy world, based on the real Venice. But careful, there are vampires in this...

31st Mar 2013

Virtual Visions (II)

Still in Second Life. Some ambiance at the docks in a gothic place.  

31st Mar 2013

Virtual Visions (I)

Second Life offers a lot of opportunities to take screenshots and work on them. There are very talented people who build there, like the one who built this reproduction of...

15th Mar 2013


This picture is quite important to me. I drew it as a futuristic fallen angel style. And I ended up with this (right hand one). I really enjoyed the result,...

15th Mar 2013

Enochian Angels

I was studying John Dee’s texts and what’s been done around them with Enochian magic. I was particularily fascinated with the planetary angels. So I imagined them, one after the...

15th Mar 2013

Puppet Master

It begun with an “Evil clown” idea, and it ended up in a scary allegory about freedom and those who control others.  

15th Mar 2013

The Fire Within

  I wanted to do some ambiance picture with a magical theme. It took me weeks to finally come up with the final result here. For a static piece, it...