Monsters of the Modern World : Fridge Ghouls

Photo © Roger Wollstadt Creative Commons via FlickR

Photo © Roger Wollstadt
Creative Commons via FlickR


Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a refrigerator. The creatures now known as Fridge Ghouls still existed, though, but they were hunting far from the human world, in remote areas with caves whose temperature never got above the water freezing point.

Since humans invented cold storage, the Fridge Ghouls started considering mankind as a possible source of nourishment. As they feed on fear, humans’ are a delicacy, since they always find ways to color their fear with the deepness of their imagination.

The golden age of Fridge Ghouls was the invention of refrigerators, of course. They seemed to find in this man-made appliance something even better than their natural habitat. In the 1950’s, Fridge Ghouls were responsible for the deaths of many children, lured inside with the promise of delicious candies or cakes, and trapped as soon as they were close enough.

Fridge Ghouls have the ability to appear as the observer would wish them to be: mostly, their favorite food, or sometimes drink. Their tentacles allow them to pull their victim inside the fridge and to close the door at the same time.

The Refrigerator Safety Act, passed in the US in 1956, deprived Fridge Ghouls from many victims. Some of them decided to remain in the discarded fridges, and a whole branch of their race now inhabits abandoned refrigerators. These specific Fridge Ghouls have a more agressive hunting technique, and don’t hesitate to capture victims standing at several meters from the fridge door.

The others adapted to the current situation. Since the refrigerators’ doors could now easily open from the inside, the Fridge Ghouls found ways to disguise their attacks into regular domestic accidents.

Better strategy against Fridge Ghouls: don’t open a refrigerator at night or when you are alone in your home!