The Good Use of a Baseball Bat

Update 7/26/2013 : I included the scene in the second novel of the Dark Side Of Heaven series…

This is an action scene I wanted to add in the first chapters of the serie’s second volume. Maybe I’ll do it, later on. But for now it didn’t fit. It happens during a walk in Central Park at night. Sam, Luc and Jack catch someone (man, demon ?) molesting a woman (Who is she ? You’ll discover it. Maybe). 

The bat hit his jaw from below, in a diagonal angle. It was a perfect pitch, exploding its target after a wonderful circular movement. The bone was so scattered that the guy would probably have to eat with a straw for the rest of his days. He better love soup. But that wasn’t all. The bat kept moving, still quite elegantly, making a 8 shaped turn in the air above the man’s head to hit him again, from above this time. His right cheekbone became the most interesting jigsaw puzzle a plastic surgeon would ever have to solve.

The fun part was that the man was still conscious. None of these pains were insufferable enough, no deadly spot was hit. Nor any was when the bat came up again, in a horizontal ellipse, breaking both his kneecaps in the same twirl. The guy fell on the ground like a rag doll. Luc and I applauded.

“I was in the Baseball team at NYU”, Jack made a theatrical bow to us, before offering his hand to the girl to help her out. She was still in shock, of course, and didn’t know if she just jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. “It’s ok, I’m a cop. NYPD”, Jack reassured her.