DSH Unpublished chats : bisexual Angel ?

The Wandering Jew is around, sometimes, although it’s difficult to know which side he’s on. He’s  messenger, and a witness, mainly. Here’s a conversation at DSH after a few strong drinks :

“Call me old fashioned, but I find it strange that someone is bisexual”, said the Wandering Jew. “How can you live with someone like that ? Wouldn’t you always afraid that they are going to need someone of your opposite gender ? How can their relationships be stable?” He looked genuinely intrigued.

“Actually, you’re not old fashioned. This kind of gender discrimination when it comes to love is not much older than a millenia”, Merlin chuckled.

Azazel smiled. “Let’s say you are in love with a redhead. Shouldn’t she be worried that if you meet a blonde, you’d want to sleep with her too ?”. He chuckled. “Bisexuals are just people whose range of potential mates is twice wider as yours. This excepted, it’s about the same. You enter a relationship. You are either faithful, or you’re not. Genders have little to do with it”.