Autopsy of an Angel


Angels are supernatural beings. That’s a fact. But they aren’t Gods. They aren’t like other kinds of spiritual beings either.

An Angel is created by a God to serve him. He can be a messenger, a warrior, a protector… In a way, there can be as many specific angelic types as there are tasks to accomplish.

Most Angels are created without free will. But after a certain amount of time, they eventually get one. The manifestation of an Angel’s free will leads to their Fall.

Angels are theoretically immortal. Even their God can’t destroy them completely, because they are still linked to him even if they rebelled. But they can be captured and chained. The death of an Angel is something so difficult to concieve by Angels themselves that if it eventually happens, it would be a huge trauma for all the angelic beings… and their god(s).

Angels are magical beings. They have powers, which are those their God granted them with. An Angel can be stripped from some of his powers, like the entrance to a specific area (Heaven..) or the direct link to their creator. But they can’t lose their main power(s), because it is part of who they are, and suppressing the power would mean destroying the Angel.

Angel can take a physical form, even though they are immaterial creatures to begin with. Fallen Angels might be stuck in their physical bodies.