Monsters of the Modern World : Three Days of Living Dangerously

Picture by Anthony22

Picture by Anthony22

Kids love Halloween. They like to dress up as monsters and pretend they’re scaring people off, and threatening adults in order to get candies. But Halloween is much more than this celebration, and you should think twice before allowing your children to participate.

Let’s go back to the old times. During the golden age of the Celtic civilization, fairies and spirits were still around, for a while. They used to celebrate the days when the human world around was entering the darkest part of the year, which was around november 1st in our current calendar.

The festival was named Samonios (in Gaulish), Samain, or Samhain in modern Gaelic. During three days, the doors of the otherworld were kept wide open. Things which usually didn’t use to wander around, at least not since millenia, were set free.

Spirits of the dead could also come for a visit, of course, but it was often a trick. As for spiritism sessions, those who answered the call of the living were often trickster spirits, who love to play with humans and feed on their energy. But the Ancients (the Celts, and those before them in these blessed lands) knew better, and could tell when they were just fakes.

Nowadays, these three sacred days have been split up by mixtures of traditions and misunderstandings. The Irish brought Halloween to the New World when they emigrated, and it became the popular carnival-esque party of October 31st. November 1st was taken over by the Church, and it became All Saints Day. As for November 2nd, it’s supposed to be the day of the dead, when we remember the dear departed. In some places, like in Mexico (thanks to the Aztec traditions), the three days are still closer to reality, but the carnival part tends to take over.

What most modern humans don’t know, is that the open doors policy for Fairies and spirits also means that they’re free to trick us. As for the monsters who also use the same gates, they’re free to kill us.

But it’s not only about death and injuries. Tricksters like fun too, and are known to masquerade sexy men and women, in order to have sex with them and concieve offsprings who will be half mortals. Of course, human women will not realize that, and will probably give birth to apparently healthy babies in the heat of summer. Some of these babies will be of Fairy blood and will always be dreaming, sometimes having magical abilities. Others will be monsters, and will cause misfortune and death around them.

So a piece of advice : stay safe during the three sacred days. Pay tribute to your departed. Visit the Fairy Circles if you must, but just to pay your respects and bring presents. Never open your door (or windows) at night. Never trust a spirit pretending to be a loved one, even if they give you elements you think only the departed would know : the monsters might also read your mind, fools!