Monsters of the Modern World : The Bathroom Was Locked From The Inside


Mr Kent wasn’t used to be late at work, least to skip an entire day without even calling in sick. His office called his home, no one answered. Mr Kent was also a family man, even though he lived alone. He usually called his mother every day, so when he didn’t give news, she tried to call home, then call his work… They called the police, and they all went to check his appartment, forcing the door open. No one was there, apparently… until they noticed the bathroom door was locked, from the inside. When they opened it, they found Mr Kent’s corpse. He had an open wound on his back, as if he had been stabbed. There was an investigation, of course, but no one ever found out how Mr Kent could have been murdered in a closed bathroom… with no windows.

Jenny Heath was an ordinary teenager, with no known enemies at school. So when she was found murdered inside a locked public restroom, with a suspicious chest wound, but no murder weapon was found. Investigators were puzzled. They remained puzzled, and the case unsolved.

B. was a very well known opponent to an Eastern country regime. His body was found in his mansion’s toilets, closed from the inside. Lots of conspiracy theories flourished about this untimely death, quite convenient for his country’s actual leader. Of course, the investigation was unsuccessful.

C. was found in the locked toilet compartment of an Indian express train. Investigation concluded to a suicide, he was found strangled with a towel…

What happened to these people, and hundreds of others? They were victims of a rare species of monster, whose origins can be traced to the ancient Rome. It was known back then that if someone was alone in the public latrines (there was no privacy there, at that time), they risked being found dead. After Rome was burned by Nero, a strange corpse was found in one of the public bathrooms, and the Vigiles (local cops and firefighters) brought it to the Flamen Dialis, the high priest of Jupiter. After consulting with the Augurs, he realized that the creature was a new type of monster, that he named “Bestia Cloaca”, the Beast of the Sewers. A more precise name should be “The Toilet Monster”, since it only attacks in this specific location.

The Toilet Monster has three tentacles, the body of a snake, the feet of a duck, and his head is a mixture between a man’s and an eel’s. It is so flexible that it can go through any type of pipe leading to a toilet seat. The Toilet Monster usually attacks when its prey is the most vulnerable. Its tentacles get out of the toilets and immobilize its victim, while he bites them to suck the life out of them. It is quite a painful death, the Toilet Monster has a paralyzing venom in his tentacles and teeth which is pain inducing, as if the monster was feeding out of the terror provoked in its victim as much as out of their lifeforce.

There is no real evidence of a Toilet Monster attack : the victim appears to be dead by some strange wound somewhere on their body, or by strangulation.

There is no known way to be protected from a Toilet Monster’s attack, since they can reach any type of restrooms.