The day Aliens visited Earth… and left

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It was a very ordinary day. Many births, many deaths. Accidents. Crimes. War in the Middle East. People complaining. Rain here, sun there, even a few spectacular storms in some parts of the globe. Nothing special, really, except it was the day when the Aliens visited us.

Their ship reached Earth’s surface somewhere in the Southern Atlantic ocean. At first, they wondered if our planet was inhabited at all, with all that salty water, but finally, they met a colony of water striders, not very far from a small island shore. Unfortunately, they were attacked and devoured by some local fishes, and the Aliens knew that our world was full of scaly sea monsters.

They decided to explore more, especially the land masses, since the ocean was such a scary place. When they reached the coasts of Florida, they thought at first that it was Paradise. All these wonderful species of flies, mosquitoes, wasps, spiders, and so many others… Then, they suffered their first losses, a crew member was eaten by a Gnatcatcher. From that moment on, they decided to make their observations from their ship.

It was the planet of horror, from their point of view. Giant dinosaurs with sharp teeth living in water, flying monsters of all colors, so many furry things of all sizes, and worse of all, huge bipedal creatures which seemed to emit some toxic gases when they attempted a closer approach.

They couldn’t analyze the last spray which hit the ship: it damaged most sensors, and part of the propulsion area. The engineer said he’d be able to fix it, but half of the crew would have to remain on the Hell Planet. It was a difficult choice for the Aliens, but fortunately, they met a friendly tribe of natives, who started teaching them the ways of this savage and cruel world.

The other half of the crew left. Sacrificing some of their own was heartbreaking, but it was part of the cycle of life. Both parts agreed that the planet has to be put into quarantine and never visited again, so the only hope for the survivors would be for their descendants. With the help of the locals, they hoped that one day, they’d conquer and civilize Earth. When Alien Hornets descendants would become the dominant species.