26th Mar 2013
The Aliens With No Heads

The Aliens With No Heads

What if we already met Aliens but didn’t know we did ? We tend to look for quite anthropomorphic features in potential Aliens, even when we imagine them as monsters....

24th Mar 2013

If Fallen Angels Could Fly

It’s a hard life for a Fallen Angel : Sam has been laying low for a few millenia. He meets this girl. One thing leads to another, he has to...

22nd Mar 2013

The Fairytale Experiment

The Fairytale experiment, a collection of short stories, is available now from Amazon in Kindle ebook format. These short stories have been written between 2010 and 2011, mostly around the magical forest...

Autopsy of an Angel

Angels are supernatural beings. That’s a fact. But they aren’t Gods. They aren’t like other kinds of spiritual beings either. An Angel is created by a God to serve him....

Of fairies and little people

By Sir William Muskrat, esq. There is quite a confusion on the true nature of what commoneers call fairies. Nineteenth and twentieth centuries stories tend to depict them as cute...

16th Mar 2013

Fairies’ Mirror

The name of this lake is “Le Miroir aux Fées” (Fairies’ Mirror). A magical place in a magical forest.

16th Mar 2013

Merlin’s Grotto

In Tintagel, Cornwalls. A place of mystery and initiation.  

16th Mar 2013

Watchtower of the West

Does it guard the path ?  

16th Mar 2013

Magic Henge

Just a silly view of Stonehenge

16th Mar 2013

Portal to Nowhere

It is not because there is a door that it leads somewhere…