16th Mar 2013

Magic Henge

Just a silly view of Stonehenge

16th Mar 2013

Portal to Nowhere

It is not because there is a door that it leads somewhere…

16th Mar 2013

Dimensional Door

One of the many paths leading to the Sidhe

16th Mar 2013

Reaching the sky

I wonder how that plant climbed up there, but it look just like if it was meant to be on this specific spot. Trying to reach the skies, probably ?

16th Mar 2013

The Pub that Time Forgot

A view from the George and Pilgrim pub in Glastonbury, UK. That place is just amazing.

16th Mar 2013

Ghost in the Tower

It was cold that day. Even the ghost in the tower had to wear a woolen cloak  

15th Mar 2013

Doors to another world

I took this picture at Glastonbury Abbey. I loved the angle, and the shapes of the buildings, they really looked like a door to another dimension. I worked on it...